Bowen Technique and Emmett Technique

I am a fully qualified, experienced practitioner in The Bowen and Emmett Techniques.

Using these powerful, natural therapies I have helped many people overcome pain and discomfort; you too could benefit from my work.

Whether you have injured yourself, or are suffering from a build-up of tension in the body, such as in your Neck, Back, Shoulders or Hips these gentle, non-invasive therapies could help you.



These therapies have been shown to help with: 

Muscular & Joint Problems

Backache, Shoulder Pain, Hip Problems

Headaches, Breathing Restrictions

Sports Injuries

Stress and many other problems

Who can benefit?    

These techniques are suitable for everyone.


What can I expect during a treatment?

Most treatments for The Bowen Technique and The Emmett Technique are performed with you lying on a couch; but if this is uncomfortable, equally good results can be obtained by you either sitting or standing; all that is required is that you feel comfortable and are able to relax.  I prefer to work directly on the skin (having first covered you with towels to keep you warm and comfortable), but if you prefer, the treatment can be carried out through light, cotton clothing.

How long does a treatment last?

1½ hours should be allowed for the first appointment as I need to find out a bit about you and why you have come to see me; further appointments last about 1 hour.

Most treatments are a combination of The Bowen & Emmett Techniques as I have found this gets the best results.

The Bowen Technique consists of a series of gently rolling moves over muscles and tendons that help to relax and re-align the body. These moves aim to disturb the muscles, connective tissues and subtle energies within the body, creating balance and stimulating energy flow. Then as a standard and important part of the treatment, I step back and allow my client to absorb the work and let the healing process begin.

The Emmett Technique is a unique body therapy that has been shown to ease pain and discomfort, increase movement and improve quality of life. It works using the application of light finger pressure on specific points of the body; in a similar way to the working of a touch-screen, the body responds to this light touch by changing muscle tension and action.

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