I have been working as a homeopath since 1994 and am a Registered member of the Society of Homeopaths. I am also an experienced teacher, who has lectured internationally. I am a  founder of Salisbury Homeopathic College and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster. In the mid 1990’s I conducted a randomised control trial comparing the homeopathic treatment of children with glue ear with conventional medicine which showed positive results from this treatment.

I have a special interest in female health and the role of hormones and am presently writing a book on this subject.

I also have a strong interest in nutrition and am studying to be a Nutritional Therapist.

Trained in the classical tradition of homeopathy applied within a modern context, over the years I have treated and helped patients of all age groups suffering from a very wide range of conditions.

What I offer in my Homeopathic Practice :

          16 years of clinical homeopathic experience

·        Commitment to the ideal of restoring health gently, rapidly and for a sustained period

·        Treatment of the individual as a whole, not just the named condition

·        In depth consultations allowing time to discuss every aspect of your health concerns

·        Easy access by telephone (9-5pm Mondays-Fridays)

·        Quick response to email enquiries and messages

·        Treatment of acute and chronic conditions

·        Nutritional and lifestyle advice

·        Student Clinic and Supervision

Conditions Homeopathy can help-

Children and Babies-

Sleep disorders  -  Frequent coughs and colds - Glue ear

Eczemas - Gastric disturbances - Anxiety and School phobias


PMS and  menstrual cycle disorders -  painful periods

Pregnancy problems - Postnatal Depression

Menopausal complaints and other hormone related problems


Stress - Anxiety - Depression - Sexual dysfunction


Anxiety states and phobias including fear of dentists, flying, exam phobia Anger management issues - Stress related problems - general stress and related conditions

Eating Disorders and Addictions

Sleep disturbances


Chronic headaches, migraines

Immune disorders - general allergic reactions, hay fever

Gastric problems - dyspepsia, indigestion, IBS

Respiratory - chronic coughs

Muscular Skeletal - rheumatism, arthritis

Skin complaints- eczema , urticaria , psoriasis